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About us

Conservas Artesanas Rosara is located in the heart of the Navarra lowlands in Northern Spain. The banks of the Ebro River produce the best garden produce thanks to its propitious climate, fertile soil and the heedful husbandry of its inhabitants.

Since its foundation back in 1986, Rosara's primary objective has been to offer quality. Quality is achieved not only by selecting prestigious produce with denomination of origin, like Navarra asparagus or Lodosa Piquillo peppers; it also requires conscientious, almost home-made preparation, with all that that entails: hand peeling, canning with no preservatives or colorants, roasting over wood... etc.

Good taste is an important factor at Rosara. That is why our cuisine offers sundry delicious dishes like Piquillo peppers stuffed with sole and giant prawns. Some of Rosara's dishes follow traditional recipes inherited through generations while others are born in our kitchens, fruit of innovation. Of course our dishes, sauces, creams, mousses... etc. contain no additives of any kind that may adulterate the good taste of our gastronomy.

The Rosara client is demanding, with a privileged palate, and appreciates the effort we put forth at Rosara to ensure that that palate will delight in each of the more than 160 delicacies. Conservas Artesanas Rosara continues to ensure the same demanding level of quality for each of the new delicacies added to this ever-growing range of products.

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